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1. Lead Acquisition

The prospect will typically spot an ad for something they are interested in and click on it. The prospect will then be directed to a landing page or other asset where they are asked to sign up for more information on the product, news on promotions and other deals, and similar. Different methods are used to help encourage the prospect to share their personal details.

2. Lead Nurturing

When a lead is first acquired, they will likely have some interest but still be some distance from being ready to buy. This means that marketing will need to nurture them; educate them and answer any questions they might have. This can be done in a variety of ways, one of the most common of which is with drip campaigns that involve sending relevant information to the prospect.

3. Marketing Lead Qualification

This is when one further explores if, then confirms that the prospect is genuinely interested and almost ready to buy the product. Qualifying also means ensuring the prospect is in a position financially to make a purchase and that the contact is the person making the decision.

4. Sales Transfer

Once a lead has been qualified by Marketing, it would be passed on to Sales. This means that Sales does not need to talk to every lead. They only need to talk to leads who are marketing qualified and ready for sales to take over.

5. Conversion

It’s also often important for the sales department to maintain a good relationship with the customer because there will often be other sales opportunities further along the line, such as other products, and upgrades to products the customer has already purchased.

6. Sales Lead Qualification

If the lead is not fully qualified yet then it does not necessarily mean the prospect is lost. Sales can find out the reason why the prospect is not ready and, if needed, pass them back to marketing who can get back to the task of nurturing the prospect until they are ready to buy.


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"Marz has helped our company and our sales representatives set challenging but realistic goals and devise strategies to meet those goals. He is a technology wiz using the company’s available sales software very effectively. He has also developed a talent for making the most of the outbound lead generation process in which he created, to boost the company’s sales and has hired and trained new sales reps on how his process has be used to increase sales for Twiz, LLC."

Christian Velitchkov
COO at Twiz, LLC

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